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Clarenbridge, Co. Galway
Yoga Lounge - Yoga & Pilates Studio based in the heart of Clarendbridge
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Our Studio

The Yoga Lounge is a new yoga and pilates studio based in the heart of Clarinbridge village.

We are based off the main road (N67), just after the Health Shop coming from the Galway side. There’s plenty of free parking at the back. Click for Map

Our goal as a yoga studio is to get you moving, in the best way possible in the way you need and like. Students come first is our basic motto. With that as our guiding principle the rest falls into place so easily. Each student is different with different challenges and different abilities. We commit to providing high quality and thoughtful classes that bring out the very best in each student. This allows you to get the most out of your class and enjoy moving your body safely.

Students First

We are a diverse group of yoga and pilates teachers who have various different backgrounds and trainings but share a common value – the student comes first. We want you to enjoy coming to class so much the time goes so quickly you don’t even feel it passing and you can’t wait for next week. The feeling of satisfaction when you really move your body and set goals for yourself and achieve them is priceless.

Taking time out for yourself to relax and breath, to quieten your mind and just be yourself – this is what our clients tell us after a class.

Body Confidence

Whether you are a pilates or yoga person – or both like me – by turning up on the mat each week you gain so much – but the biggest benefit by far is the confidence you get in your body. Being expertly guided to move in a myriad of ways with props or without – to relieve the unwanted effects of sitting at a desk all day, to regain pelvic floor strength, to rehab after an accident or operation, to get motivated to get on top of your physical and mental health.

You get your body back when you do yoga or pilates. And you start to really take pleasure in your own body and its improvement in strength and mobility, no matter your ability, size or age. Without any doubt you will see and feel an improvement in so many areas of your life with a regular class designed for you. You become your own physio.

Teacher Training

From her years of experience in Classical Pilates and body movement, Suzie Dodd has created her own Classical Pilates Teacher Training Courses in mat and reformer. These courses are fully certified by Balens BV and the Complimentary Therapists Association.

She also regularly runs her Classical Yoga Teacher Training Course which is fully certified by Balens Europe BV. Check out her next training or register your interest for the future.

Contact Us

Location: Main St, Hillpark, Clarinbridge, Co. Galway, H91 E429

You can find us on the main road, just after the Health Shop coming from the Galway side.
Drive in the Black Gates. Loads of FREE Parking space in the back.

Phone: 0863137219

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